1C Signs Development Deal with Allisa Charles-Findley, Sister of Botham Jean

February 8, 2023

(Naples, FL) 1C Productions is honored to announce it has executed a development deal with Allisa Charles-Findley, President of Sisters of the Movement and sister of Botham Jean. The planned project with a working title of “Stop Resisting” is a docuseries wherein each episode shares the parallel stories of victims of police violence and the lawmakers and law enforcers whose colliding actions ended a life. The purpose is to investigate with an eye toward uncovering whether systemic elements exist that, if reformed, would lessen citizen deaths at the hands of the Blue.

“My brother should not have been murdered,” says Allisa Charles-Findley. “Tyre Nichols should not have been killed. Breonna Taylor. Amir Locke. Atatiana Jefferson. George Floyd. There are so many, and we can see it is not only a black and white issue. It’s a blue issue. They tell citizens┬áto stop resisting, but it is blue that needs to stop resisting reform, stop resisting accountability.”

The project will benefit family members of victims of police violence.

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