1C Signs Development Deal with Faith Ehiozuwa

February 13, 2023

(Naples, FL) 1C Productions is honored to announce its development deal with Faith Ehiozuwa. The planned docudrama series will share Faith’s experience of being born a war baby in Liberia in 1989, surviving those 14 years of war, rape, hunger, abuse, abandonment, starvation and neglect, and the additionally difficult experiences associated with her international adoption at age 14 into a white family in the United States.

The project’s intent is to show the restorative nature of mental health services for adults who survived traumatic childhoods.

Faith, who is pursuing a degree in psychology while continuing to engage in her own therapy journey, has a dream of bringing mobile mental health units to her native country. The war took over 250,000 Liberian lives and touched every one of the country’s 5 million citizens in some way.

Faith is the wife of Nigerian-born U.S. Army chaplain Clement Ehiozuwa. They are the parents of three young children. Faith is also the host of the Lift All Voices podcast.

1C Productions is a multimedia production company focused on stories that impact the greater good.