“STOP RESISTING” Launches GoFundMe Presence

March 21, 2023

(Naples FL) 1C Productions, Inc. and Sisters of the Movement have launched a GoFundMe presence today to provide supporters of the “STOP RESISTING” podcast and docuseries project an easily accessible platform for donation. To view the GoFundMe page, click HERE or the project image below.

STOP RESISTING is being produced in coordination with Sisters of the Movement and its President, Allisa Charles-Findley, who is the sister of Botham Jean. The project will tell the stories of both victims and perpetrators, highlighting the specific elements that led to fatal police violence encounters. This approach seeks to identify individual systematic elements that, once addressed, would stem the tide of police violence.

Episodes will feature interviews with family members of those killed by police as well as attorneys, lawmakers, law enforcers, cultural leaders, experts, and more.

1C Productions is a multimedia production company focused on stories that impact the greater good.