stop resisting | a true stories series

Police killed more people in 2022 than any single year in the entire decade before.

Why are so many dying by [Blue hands]?

In 2022, police killed 1,176 people, more than any of the ten years prior.
According to the FBI, 64 officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in 2022.

revealing the stories in full uncovers why they happened

And That Leads To Solutions

When you know why something is happening, then you can affect what is happening. 

STOP RESISTING seeks to share the stories of law enforcement, lawmakers, and citizens - highlighting the specific elements of those stories that led to a fatal police encounter.

In doing so, we are uncovering systemic yet individual details that, once addressed, will stem the tide of police violence in the United States. 

"Stop Resisting" is a phrase that has been used by some in Blue to harm citizens and deny accountability for their own actions.

But our research indicates that the better use of the phrase STOP RESISTING is toward those who thwart thorough investigation, evade transparency, eschew accountability, and deny reform.

It is time to STOP RESISTING truth.

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is being produced by 1C Productions
in coordination with
Sisters of the Movement
and its President,
Allisa Charles-Findley,
who is the sister of
police violence victim Botham Jean.

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