They're Back! and just in time for Valentine's Day

Chill out in Jane's Holler with the scripted podcast story "Chocolate and Joy 2 - Valentine's Day!" It's a perfect escape for February 14 ... whether you have a romantic other or not

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Want a fabulous story and delicious and beautiful goodies this Valentine's Day? You've found it! 

The cast of "Chocolate and Joy" is back for "Chocolate and Joy 2 - Valentine's Day!" And, just like the last story, you can order the PodPair™ box that includes the yummy, organic goodies enjoyed by the characters during the show. 

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At Serenity Castle

Cast of Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day

We recorded "Chocolate and Joy 2 - Valentine's Day" at Serenity Castle in Georgia. Despite the freezing temps, the cast had a blast!

Evie Chocolate and Joy 2 VAlentine's Day Podcast


We caught Evie looking through her script one more time before approaching the mic. Is that the page where she and Connor talk?

Jack and Connor Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Podcast

Jack and Connor

We're...not sure what Jack and Connor are doing here. Letting off steam after a long day of recording? It's definitely not basketball, guys! 

Charley and Betsy Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Podcast

Charley and Betsy

Despite Betsy's takeover of Charley's bakery for the town "Cupid Crush," (complete with sword swallowers, flaming batons, etc.) they're still laughing together. Whew!

Connor and Evie in Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Podcast

Connor and Evie

When two nuts are let loose in a castle ... this happens. 

(l to r) Madison Graves ("Hostess"), Tyshawn Young ("Jack"), Katie Charl Ricketts ("Charley"), Matthew K Gunn ("Connor"), Katelynn Covington ("Evie"), and Taylor Jay Clark ("Betsy")

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