Ready for an [International Adventure] and Laughter? 

Grandma Rambo Cover Art
"Grandma Rambo" 

is based on the novella by Pauline Hayton, adapted for podcast by Rebeca Seitz

This cancer-beating grandma is determined to get adventure back into her life one way or another - and it'll take all the tools in her bra!

About this [Adventurous] Story

Brenda Maxwell beat breast cancer five years ago. Now, she's celebrating her 60th birthday! Well, "celebrating" might be too enthusiastic of a word. "Observing" is more the case. While she was once an adventurous, globe-trotting woman, life has beaten Brenda down. 

It doesn't help that her husband spends every night watching NCIS re-runs and griping about life. 

Then, a dear friend makes adventure possible again. Off Brenda goes to Nagaland - a remote area of India where a rural school is in need of help. Little does she realize that her Indian jaunt will soon involve her entire family...and a need for Brenda to rise to the rescue. 

Starring [Gale Van Cott]

Gale Van Cott , a native New Yorker, holds a degree in acting from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She has hundreds of credits from film, tv, commercials and animation, including the voice of mission control on Michael Jackson’s “History” tour, and the voice of The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Clients include Lexus, Merck, Citibank, IBM, NY Life, American Express, HBO, Revlon, Canon, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, UPS, AT&T, The Prudential, the American Stock Exchange, MetLife, Pfizer, Visa, and countless others.

"Grandma Rambo" was brought to life by 

 Amazing Voice Talents 

from around the globe

david markus

Los Angeles

David Markus has worked as a Production Executive for film directors Wolfgang Petersen ("Air Force One", "The Perfect Storm") and Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow ("The Hurt Locker"), and written numerous screenplays. He enjoys a successful career in reality television, receiving four Emmy nominations for his work on NBC's phenomenon "American Ninja Warrior". He is an in-demand voice performer for video games, animation, commercials, ADR and podcasts.

Bojana Stefanovic in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
bojana stefanovic


Bojana Stefanovic is a professional actor, member of the National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia. She is also performing in the biggest musical theatre in Serbia, starring as Sugar in Some Like it Hot, and as Cassie in Chorusline. She starred in many TV series and couple of movies. She is one of the leading voice actors in Service for over 20 years. Her work includes numerous roles in radio dramas, cartoons and commercials for clients such as Ikea, Nivea, L'Oreal, and many others. 

anupam  dhyani

India and Los Angeles

An engineer by training, Anupam transitioned to the creative arts because of his love for the creative field. He has worked in many radio dramas and commercials. Well versed in English and Hindi, his voice is featured in ads for global brands like Amazon. He has also acted in both short and long films as well as theater productions in Long Beach.

Sarah Hayton in Grandma Rambo podcast show
sarah hayton


Sarah Hayton is an English actor, writer and director who graduated in Drama and Film from the University of Manchester, England. She has written, performed and directed comedy sketch shows, written and performed sketches for the BBC Grin Up North programme, written and directed the BFI short comedy film, 50 Shades, and is currently writing a new film, Wardrobe Malfunction, which she will also direct. Twitter and Insta: @sarahhayton42

Shubhita Chaturvedi in Grandma Rambo podcast show
Shubhita Chaturvedi


Originally from India – a country bursting with colours, culture and spices – Shubhita Chaturvedi is a UK-based voice actor. In and industry full of a variety of voices, her chirpy, bubbly nature reflects in her voice.

She has an acting and music background with sales experience in exhibitions. 

Caleb Jensen in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
Caleb jensen

Los Angeles

Caleb Jensen has acted in theatre since elementary school. In addition to his voice work on Grandma Rambo, he's currently appearing in short films, music videos, and commercials as well as background work on network television shows through Central Casting. In his spare time, he weightlifts, reads, hikes, and skis. Video games and animated TV show DVDs line the walls of his room. The #1 thing he appreciates the most out of them? The voice acting.

Isabella Rosato in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
isabella rosato


Isabella Rosato is currently a freshman in high school in Naples, Florida. She began doing musical theater at Naples Performing Arts Center in 2018 and has performed in seven shows since then. She has a deep love for theater and story-telling, as well as all of the arts, and greatly enjoyed the experience of recording of professionals who love the work as much as she does.

Emily Buenafuente in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
Emily buenafuente


Emily Buenafuente is an aspiring comedian, voice actor, and writer who loves to game in her free time. She takes improv classes outside of school and you better believe it’s hard not to laugh when she’s on scene. Emily sometimes gets so obsessed with the characters she plays that she includes some of her own personality into them.

Jon Atkinson in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
jon atkinson


Jon Atkinson's voice has been heard on radio stations all over the United States and Canada. Jon also voices commercials, video games, audio tours, audio books, podcasts and narration. Besides Grandma Rambo, his most recent work includes providing multiple voices for the audio book, Tin Can Sailors. Jon is a longtime student at the prestigious voice acting academy, Voicetrax of San Francisco, where he learned alongside Peter Coyote, Larraine Newman, Bob Bergan, Melissa Gray, Rob Paulson and Townsend Coleman.

Lisa Campbell Albert in the Grandma Rambo podcast show
Lisa Campbell Albert


Originally from Belleville, IL, Lisa received her Bachelor of Music from Southern Illinois University and Master of Music from Webster University. Presently, she serves on the faculty of Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts. She served as Music Supervisor/Music Director at STAGES ST. LOUIS from 2008 – 2020, receiving the Kevin Kline Award for Outstanding Musical Direction (2011) and Broadway World STL Award for Outstanding Musical Direction for five consecutive years (2014 – 2018). Lisa plays with her husband, Tim Albert, in the St. Louis based blues band Uncle Albert.

Ed Kelly in Grandma Rambo Podcast Show
ed kelly


Ed Kelly is a full-time Voice Actor, “drafted” from Canada by the American Comedy Network
more than two decades ago. He appeared in “Whip it” and many other films and animated
Features. Commercial voice clients include Lincoln, Ford, Microsoft, and US Steel. An accomplished Impressionist, Ed is heard on morning radio shows across America via syndication with United Stations Media in NYC, cohosts the Bob Rivers Show with Ed Kelly, and appears weekly on Author Mitch Albom’s Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Naga people in Grandma Rambo podcast show
Nagaland actors!

India and United States

We owe a mighty thank you to Esther Dennis (pictured here in the white jacket) and her family for supplying nearly all of the Naga character voices.

When Esther became aware we were searching for individuals from Nagaland who could play characters in GRANDMA RAMBO, she picked up the phone and called Rebeca Seitz (pictured here in the far left column, middle row). Esther told Rebeca that her family was gathering that coming weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Perhaps Rebeca could come there to record? 

Rebeca packed up the microphones and soundboard and hit the road. Production assistants Katie Ricketts (top row, right), Katelyn Covington (bottom row, left) and Ella Seitz (pink shirt) helped assemble a makeshift studio in the beautiful cabin being used by Esther and her family. 

Shekuto Sumi, Kimiyenoto Sumi, Liviani Sumi, Bernika Atchumi, Kupunoli Sumi, Vikali Arkha, and Esther Dennis then rose to the occasion, providing the beautiful, melodic Naga accent to this production. Esther's family not only helped bring this story to life, they also cooked authentic Naga food for Rebeca and the crew afterward! Rebeca warns all of you out there to BEWARE THE GHOST PEPPER SALSA. From just a tiny taste, it took a bowl of ice cream, a bottle of water, heaps of mild mango-based salsa and half an hour for her to get feeling back in her tongue. (Totally worth it, though.)

By the way, we can't decide if Kimiyenoto (the adorable 6 year old pictured in the front row here) or Shekuto (back row, left, who played rebel Zelian) stole the show. Let us know what you think!

There's also a [Custom Puzzle] you can work while listening to the story!

A portion of the proceeds from "Grandma Rambo" and its puzzle sales support the Magulong School in the story. Yes, it's a real place!