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a multi-media focus

While the breadth of experience at 1C includes book publishing as well as film and television production, the company began in December 2019 with one project: a scripted podcast show. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the land, shutting film and tv sets down, 1C realized production in this medium was doable in a remote setting. Today, 1C continues its work with voice talent across the world, building a story-driven podcast library unlike any other, while expanding its work in traditional book publishing via Rebeca Books. 

Scripted Podcasts

Cover Art for Making the Cut

In his coming-of-age story that spanned Egypt, Germany, England, and America, renowned surgeon and medical researcher Dr. Michael Meguid shares a life story that borders on unbelievable. 

Grandma Rambo Cover Art

Brenda Maxwell beat cancer, but her wit and zest for life got beaten in the process, too...until a dear friend makes it possible for Brenda to find adventure again. 

Chocolate and Joy Mother's Day Cover Art

This 3rd installment in the Jane's Holler stories finds Betsy in rare form organizing the Magnificant Mamapalooza event and Jack wanting Charley to come with him to Marco Island, Florida to meet his mom.

Cover Art for Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Show

It's Valentine's Day in Jane's Holler for this second installment in the series! As Charley and Jack look forward to their date on National Singles Awareness Day (what?!), Betsy (the town party planner) takes over Charley's family bakery to put on the "Cupid Crush" and Evie tries to stop her from totally upending her perfect window displays. Meanwhile, "Con John" finds himself suddenly alone on the holiday - him, of all people! - but a realization may set him up for real love at last. 
This episode was recorded on location at Serenity Castle in Georgia. 

Image Chocolate & Joy Christmas Podcast Cover Art

It's holiday time in Jane's Holler, Tennessee! Sadly, Charlotte "Charley" Miller and Jackson "Jack" Douglas aren't feeling it. Tragedies in Christmases past have turned them off of the holiday merriment. 
But best friends Evie and Connor aren't letting Charley and Jack off the hook this year. Will the pair find the Christmas spirit again...together?


Silent Crash Michigan Auto No Fault Cover Art

When a piece of legislation was signed into law in the dark of night, a silent crash reverberated throughout Michigan. 

Why did it happen?
And why is it still happening?

Cover art for the podcast Raising Rebeca Books

The audio diary chronicling the creation of Rebeca Books, a traditional, royalty-paying publishing house for women writers who are 40 and beyond. It is the books division of The 1C Story Network. 

A crazy family living in Southwest Florida talks about the issues of today. From gaming to vaping, dating to schoolwork, Firstborn (15), Secondborn (12), Mom, and Dad figure it out together. Often, squirrels are chased. (Because...ADHD.) 

Is abortion necessary healthcare? A lifelong advocate in the pro-life community listens to stories of women who have had abortions, and shares her own journey of belief. 

Freevangelic Podcast Cover Art

She lived 38 years in the evangelical world. He lived 39 years as a Lutheran. And then...they didn't. 
This is what deconstructing faith and rebuilding anew looks like - while being married and raising kiddos, too.

A war vet and former private security contractor known as Teacup and an up-and-coming Gen Z young man he calls Chip add their important discussions to the podcast landscape. WARNING: Language.

Founder and President

Rebeca Seitz

Rebeca began as a literary publicist, launching the fiction division of a Top Ten Publisher. She then founded and led a literary PR firm for nine years that served numerous NYT best-sellers. The next six years saw her running SON Studios in Naples, Florida, raising millions to support the production of culture-enriching entertainment content. She has authored 10 books, is a #1 Amazon best-selling writer, and regularly contributes CEO profiles to leading business publications like Foundr Magazine. In late 2019, Seitz followed her passion and launched 1C Productions, Inc. to give life to stories and that inspire, enlighten, and entertain. 

“Stories are the gateway to laughter, love, healing, and understanding. Stories are life.”

Rebeca Seitz

Storyteller Rebeca Seitz image

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