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Thanks for dropping by the 1C Productions site. From podcasts to books, films to television series, we approach entertainment production with one filter: Does it benefit humans?

If the answer is yes, 1C gets to work writing, directing, producing, distributing, and promoting. From initial concept to interaction with humans, we execute the entire process. This affords incredible opportunities for collaboration with experts at each stage while maintaining a consistent goal for the ultimate media offering.


Cover Art for Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Show

Chocolate & Joy 2 - Valentine's Day

Scripted Podcast Show  - releasing February 14, 2021

The gang from Jane's Holler is back! This time, Connor "Con John" Johnson's story comes front and center. As the town buzzes in preparation for the Cupid Crush - which Betsy insists on holding at Charley's "Life Is What You Bake It" store - Connor finds himself with no date for the big day. What's worse, though, is he can't figure out why women keep leaving him...and he may be harboring a secret crush on Evie.

Whether you have a romantic significant other or not this Valentine's Day, this heart-warming story holds an important reminder for us all. 

Image Chocolate & Joy Christmas Podcast Cover Art

Chocolate & Joy 

Scripted Podcast Show  

Charlotte “Charley” Miller has avoided all things Christmas since a tragic loss five Christmases ago. Jackson “Jack” Douglas stays home all holiday season in the hope that the good townsfolk of Jane’s Holler will eventually forget his very public personal tragedy three Christmases ago. But this year Evie refuses to let her BFF Charley off the hook. It’s time to come back into the winter wonderland of the living. Connor has the same thought toward his BFL, Jack. After all, Con needs a wingman if he’s going to find his own holiday honey!  As Charley and Jack find themselves unwillingly present at town event after town event, will their hearts thaw in the glow of the holiday season?

Cover Art for Making the Cut

Making The Cut 

Scripted Podcast Show Based on a True Story

In late 2019, retired surgeon Michael Meguid approached 1C President Rebeca Seitz requesting help with his biography. In his coming-of-age story that spanned Egypt, Germany, England, and America, Rebeca saw a multimedia opportunity.
Step One: a scripted podcast based on the biography. Six months later, having written 30 episodes and directed 60+ voice actors in over a dozen countries, 1C Productions completed Season One of MAKING THE CUT, the podcast. Episode one released May 14, 2020. The show is in the top 30% of podcast shows worldwide. 

Flamingo Family 

Podcast Show Featuring a Teen, a Tween, and The Folks Raising Them

A crazy family of four living on an island in Southwest Florida talks about the issues teens and tweens tackle today. From gaming to vaping, dating to schoolwork, Firstborn (15), Secondborn (12), Mom, and Dad figure it out together. Often, squirrels are chased. (Because...ADHD.) 

Season Two begins January 8, 2021.


Podcast Show About Life After Evangelicalism

She lived 38 years in the evangelical world. He lived 39 years as a Lutheran. And then, they didn't. 
Season One (2019) chronicles their walking out of the faith, detailing specific Biblical and doctrinal issues that led to their painful but ultimately freeing journey out of traditional/western Christian faith. 

Season Two begins January 31, 2021. New episodes will release the last day of each month thereafter in 2021.

Cover art for the podcast show The Password Murders

The Password Murders

Podcast Show For Friends and Family to Figure Out Whodunit

Written by award-winning writer and cartoonist John Leatherman, "The Password Murders" leads you on a thrilling adventure of murder and mystery, but keeps things friendly enough for the whole family. We highly recommend ordering the PodPair™ clue kits so that you can assemble them as you listen and uncover the murderer. 

Releasing June 11, 2021.

Founder and president

 Rebeca Seitz

Rebeca has worked in entertainment for 17 years. She began as a literary publicist, launching the fiction division of a Top Ten Publisher, then founded and led a literary PR firm for nine years that served numerous NYT best-sellers. The next six years saw her running SON Studios in Naples, Florida, and raising several million dollars to support production of culture-enriching entertainment content. Along the way, ten of her books were published, she became a #1 Amazon best-selling writer, wrote and produced screenplays, and began writing for leading business publications like Foundr Magazine. More importantly, she had the honor of coming alongside numerous writers, producers, distributors, and promoters to assist in bringing their projects to fruition. In late 2019, Seitz followed her passion and launched 1C Productions, Inc. to give life to stories and media that inspire, enlighten, and entertain. 


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