Is Abortion Needed?

A lifelong advocate in the pro-life community listens to stories of women

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abortions in florida, 2023


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the date we vote on whether to enshrine the right to abortion in the florida constitution

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Rebeca Seitz photographed by Michelle Tricca


I'm Rebeca Seitz. 

I've been in the pro-life movement since it became a thing in the late 1980s. My mother, the founder of a crisis pregnancy center in 1993 who only recently retired, spent her life working to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I know this movement. I've marched at the March for Life in D.C. in the freezing January winds, I've given speeches and raised funds and done all the things.

In the past few years, I began hearing stories from women who had abortions.

Women who are NOT in the political machinations around this issue.

I think it's important that those stories be heard by others in the pro-life movement, because I think the majority of us sincerely value life - and to live that out, we need to be informed instead of weaponized as a political group (by either party).

It feels urgent that I produce this show now because my state (Florida) has a referendum on the ballot this November wherein we will vote on whether to enshrine the right to abortion in our state's constitution.

I hope you'll listen to the first episode and, if you agree that these stories need to be told and heard before the vote this November, please encourage others to listen and, if you can, visit our GoFundMe to support production.


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