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Rebeca Seitz


Well, hey there! Thanks for stopping by our little spot on the web. 

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We'd love to hear how your family experience is going, or how ours has become a part of yours. You can find me on TikTok. I'm @flamingofammom.

Just your normal, everyday Florida family.

Okay, that's so crazy it even hurt to type. 

Whether it's school, video games, or new trends & activities, everything our kiddos encounter gets discussed. Join us every two weeks as we delve into topics that matter to the modern family. There's something for everyone to learn, and yes, a few squirrels are chased along the way. (Oh, who are we kidding? Lots of squirrels. Many squirrels. Copious amounts of squirrels.)


Life is crazy - such an understatement. On the show, we talk about what's going on with us and we love sharing our lives with you! 


We do actually love each other, despite the jabs we constantly have going. Join in on the love!


Flamingo Family exists to discuss life with our kiddos and relate to our fellow generations out there. Listen as we discuss topics affecting the world our youth live in today. 

About Flamingo Family

Hello! Welcome to our family. We are your [not so] typical crew hailing from Florida, plus our incredible niece from Tennessee. We love the coastal life, and we love our family! In this series, the five of us sit down to discuss what is affecting our lives and the lives of our kids. We laugh, we discuss, and most importantly, we learn. Get to know us better below, and make sure to check us out on all major podcast platforms!

Meet the Flamingos!

Get to know our family!

Rebeca Seitz - Mom

When she's not listening to Firstborn's latest music obsession, discussing the periodic table with Secondborn, debating politics with Hubs, or Snapchatting with Katie, Rebeca is busy running 1C Productions, Inc. and PodPair™. She's also an Amazon best-selling writer of novels, biographies, and business books. Her CEO profiles and business features can be found in Foundr Magazine. More about her is at 

Charles Seitz - Dad

After 20 years in cybersecurity, Charles decided he'd been stressed enough for a lifetime and decided to do something that would make both his customers and himself happy. Today, he's a blissed out yacht and RV broker who spends his days mostly on boats/RVs or on the phone talking about boats/RVs. If he's not working, he's still probably on a yacht or RV, having fun with his family, or watching/reading his beloved sci-fi. He occasionally breaks out in random song, harkening back to his Wake Forest days of singing with Chi Rho.  


We tried to get Firstborn (15) to write his bio, but he wouldn't put down the fishing pole long enough to type. As we grabbed at him, he escaped on his electric skateboard saying he's going to go play a quick nine holes. We'll try to snag him again when he comes inside to play his guitars and listen to Trivium, Sabaton, or Disturbed. Odds are high he'll come to the kitchen at some point to make his twist on Ramen. 


Secondborn (12) can usually be found in the kitchen, mesmerized by the chemistry of cooking and experiments. After she's gotten every ingredient out of the cupboards and left the place a mess, she happily trots off to her room to read a novel, research a female scientist's life, or draw on her iPad and watch the Cardinals. She's currently in conditioning to get back into basketball where her 5'8" frame comes in really handy.  

Katie Ricketts (Katie Bug)

The main thing Katie (22) would like you to know is that the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team on the planet. Period. Also, Disney really is the happiest place on earth. A soon-to-be business management graduate of Bethel University, Katie is counting down the months until she, too, becomes a Florida coast resident. (Her Shiba Inu, Koji, will stay behind with her brother but her Golden Doodle, Louie, is definitely coming.) Until then, she's got studying, hair dyeing, and shaved ice eating to keep her busy. 


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