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Chocolate & Joy

Based in the quaint town of Jane's Holler, Tennessee, "Chocolate and Joy" tells the story of best friends Charley & Evie and best bros Jack & Connor. Through tragedy and friendship, lessons are learned and personal growth is achieved. Christmas time brings personal hardship for both Charley and Jack, while Valentine's uproots painful memories for both Evie and Connor. On Mother's Day, lives are changed forever. 

Check out the first three installments of "Chocolate and Joy," now streaming on all major podcast platforms, worldwide.

Image Chocolate & Joy Christmas Podcast Cover Art

Chocolate & Joy 1 - Christmas

Despite all the small town yuletide cheer, Charlotte "Charley" Miller and Jackson "Jack" Douglas aren't feeling it. Tragedies in Christmases past have turned them off of the holiday merriment. But best friends Evie and Connor aren't letting Charley and Jack off the hook this year. Will the pair find the Christmas spirit again...together?

Cover Art for Chocolate and Joy 2 Valentine's Day Show

Chocolate & Joy 1 - Christmas

They're back, and just in time for Valentine's Day! Chill out in Jane's Holler with the scripted podcast story "Chocolate and Joy 2 - Valentine's Day!" It's a perfect escape for February 14 ... whether you have a romantic other or not

Chocolate and Joy Mother's Day Cover Art

Chocolate & Joy 1 - Christmas

The gang is back, and this time it's all about the mama figures. Jack wants to take Charley to Marco Island, Florida to meet his mama...but he knows that will be a sensitive subject given Charley's own parents' passing a few years ago. Back in Jane's Holler, Betsy is going nuts planning the Magnificent Mamapalooza at Charley's "Life Is What You Bake It" bakery under the wary supervision of Evie. Little do they all realize how motherhood is about to impact the entire palooza. 

This is a story for all the mama figures - birth, adoptive, surrogate, chosen, stand-in, and more. Because mother is good, in all its forms. 

A note from [Rebeca Seitz]

"Chocolate and Joy" was such a joy to write, direct and produce as it drew so many threads of my life together. I drew on warm memories of growing up in Tennessee, the place my family has called home for nearly 300 years, but I also got to work with family and friends from that hometown who brought these characters to life. The combination allowed us to bring the true spirit and sound of Tennessee to listeners. I hope you love it!

Meet the Jane's Holler Crew

Katie Ricketts


"Charlotte 'Charley' Miller"

Tyshawn Young


"Jackson 'Jack' Douglas"

Katelyn Covington


"Evelyn 'Evie' Covington"

Matthew K Gunn
Matthew Gunn


"Connor 'Con John' Johnson"

Taylor Jay Clark
Taylor Clark


"Betsy Mae"

Madison gunn


"Every Woman"

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