Happy Mothers Day from

Jane's Holler! 

The gang is back, and this time it's all about the mama figures. Jack wants to take Charley to Marco Island, Florida to meet his mama...but he knows that will be a sensitive subject given Charley's own parents' passing a few years ago. Back in Jane's Holler, Betsy is going nuts planning the Magnificent Mamapalooza at Charley's "Life Is What You Bake It" bakery under the wary supervision of Evie. Little do they all realize how motherhood is about to impact the entire palooza. 

This is a story for all the mama figures - birth, adoptive, surrogate, chosen, stand-in, and more. Because mother is good, in all its forms. 

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This episode was recorded in Naples, Florida just a few minutes from "Marco Island" in the story. 

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     Happy Mothers Day!     

After recording, the cast hit Naples' famed Fifth Avenue South to take in the sights.

The Cast

This crazy crew loves to bring each and every "Chocolate & Joy" episode to life!

"Charlotte 'Charley' Miller"

Katie Ricketts

"Evelyn 'Evie' Covington"

Katelyn Covington

"Jackson 'Jack' Douglas"

Tyshawn Young

"Connor 'Con John' Johnson"

Matthew Gunn

"Betsy Mae"

Taylor Clark

"Every Woman"

Madison Graves

"Robin Douglas"

Barbara Melvin

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