Episode Celebrates That Motherhood Is Good – In All Its Forms

(Naples, Florida) – The 1C Story Network is thrilled to announce the May 1, 2021, release of “CHOCOLATE & JOY – MOTHER’S DAY,” the third scripted podcast episode in the “C&J series.

The cast, which features the added exceptional voice talent of Barbara Melvin as “Robin Douglas” to the cast, masked up and traveled to Southwest Florida from Tennessee to record the Mother’s Day episode.  They spent a weekend recording while also exploring Marco Island and 5th Avenue in Naples, Fla.

“CHOCOLATE & JOY – MOTHER’S DAY” is a story for all kinds of mama figures. Picking back up from the most recent episode, Jack (Tyshawn Young) wants to take Charley (Katie Ricketts) to Marco Island, Fla. to meet his mama, but he knows that will be a sensitive subject given Charley’s own parents’ tragic death a few years ago. Back in Jane’s Holler, Betsy (Taylor Clark) is going nuts planning the Magnificent Mamapalooza at Charley’s “Life Is What You Bake It” bakery under the wary supervision of Evie (Katelyn Covington). Little do they all realize how motherhood is about to impact the entire palooza.

This episode of “Chocolate & Joy” is meant to celebrate all of the mama figures in a person’s life, no matter how they came to inhabit the role. The story emphasizes that motherhood is good and beautiful in all forms.

Listeners can order and enjoy a PodPair™ offering along with this episode. The contents of the box include a “Tree of Life” necklace, custom soaps from Buff City Soap in Martin, Tenn, and key lime cookies from Christie’s Cookies in Southwest Florida. 

“CHOCOLATE & JOY – MOTHER’S DAY” is available on all major podcast platforms, worldwide, May 1, 2021. More information about the show and the PodPair™ offering is available at https://www.justonec.com/chocolate-joy-3-mothers-day/.