May 6, 2024

1C PRODUCTIONS LAUNCHES “RIGHT TO LIFE: True Stories of Choice” Podcast
A Pro-life Florida Woman Listens to Women’s Stories to Decide, “Is Abortion Necessary Healthcare?”

(NAPLES, FL) – 1C Productions is pleased to announce the launch of a new show within its nationally recognized podcast lineup. RIGHT TO LIFE: True Stories of Choice features discussions with women regarding their abortion experiences. Hosted by 1C President and pro-life advocate Rebeca Seitz, each episode grapples with the question, “Is abortion necessary healthcare?”

Episode 1, which was released May 3, 2024, features Samantha, who shares her experience of receiving an abortion to address an ectopic pregnancy after the birth of her second child. In doing so, not only was Samantha’s fertility saved, but also her life. She and her husband went on to have a third child exactly one year after the date of Samantha’s abortion.

Subsequent conversations will share similar stories. The question is a timely one given that Floridians are voting this November on Amendment 4 which, if passed, will enshrine the right to abortion in the state’s constitution.

According to Pew Research, a full 70% of Floridians identify as Christian, over one-third (36%) of whom identify as Evangelical Protestant or Mainline Protestant. Of those Protestants, 59% believe abortion should be illegal in all or almost all cases.

Having been raised Southern Baptist and actively served in the pro-life movement since its inception in the late 1980s, Seitz sees an information gap within the Protestant community, where abortion is described as a primary method of birth control for promiscuous women. The show is designed to address that gap and share with Protestant audiences the types of stories Seitz began to hear as she delved further into her desire to value and protect all lives.

For more information and listen links, visit RightToLifeStories.com. For interview queries, email rebeca@justoneC.com. RIGHT TO LIFE is available on all major podcast platforms.