Silent Crash Releases The Story Behind PA21 and 22

February 25, 2022

“Silent Crash” Reveals Story Behind Michigan Auto No-Fault Reform

(NAPLES, FL) The popular podcast show “Silent Crash” released its 17th episode today, finally revealing a story it has been uncovering that led to the auto no-fault reform legislation in Michigan. Public Acts 21 and 22 slashed care rates and hours for 18,000 catastrophic car accident survivors, despite each of them having contracts in place with their insurance companies preceding the new law – contracts that required the companies to provide full, life-long medical care.

Multiple patients have died as a result of losing their care since the reform went into effect on July 2, 2021. Thousands more are suffering by loss of job, income, home, and more. Already-overburdened emergency rooms are seeing an influx of patients who cannot stay at home once their life-sustaining care structure leaves due to non-payment by the insurance companies.

The story made no sense to 1C Productions President & CEO Rebeca Seitz. A 17-year story industries veteran, she suspected there was a story beneath the story of unfolding catastrophe – a story that might help explain why this happened and therefore what could feasibly be done to address it.

After 17 weeks of digging, she unearthed a plethora of small stories that played into what appears to be an overarching one. In Episode 17, Rebeca shares that overarching story, in the process finding what seems like a plausible solution.

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