Michigan Interfaith Coalition Includes “Silent Crash”

February 2, 2022

Michigan Interfaith Coalition Logo

The Michigan Interfaith Coalition recently included “Silent Crash” in its online list of resources regarding auto no fault reform legislation in Michigan.

The MIC focuses attention on the moral responsibility of elected legislators and demands respect for the dignity of the catastrophically injured, suffering survivors. It advocates for removal of the 56 hour per week cap for family provided attendant care, and the restoration of 2020 reimbursement rates for healthcare workers and family attendant care and health services at home.

The “Silent Crash” podcast released its first episode October 27, 2021. The show documents the journey of Naples, Florida-based writer and producer Rebeca Seitz as she seeks to understand the motivations behind what became Public Acts 21 and 22 in Michigan – legislation that gutted the auto no fault reform program there. With $23 billion in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association fund dedicated solely to caring for Michigan’s existing 18,000 catastrophic car accident survivors and future survivors, it made no sense to Seitz why lawmakers would slash care rates so drastically as to all but end the program. When she began investigating, she uncovered a world of money, deals, ambition, betrayal, and scandal.

“Silent Crash” is a 1C Productions, Inc. program. More at justoneC.com.